Brazilian presidential elections 2006, global rights and some thoughts


I wonder what do the other countries expect from the Brazilian presidential elections of this year. I think about it, because I am reading some texts about human rights and I am very interested in the “global rights”. I don’t know exactly how those global rights are usually called in English, but the idea is that they refer to rights that go beyond the individuals, for protect rights in a larger scale considering the societies and the human being as a whole.

I confess that it’s not easy to write in English, specially when the subject is about law and rights. But, isn’t it true that we become better in those things we practice? Anyway, I think this post can be understood.

I remember the Gilberto Freyre’s book “Palavras repatriadas” (“palavras” means “words”, and “repatriadas” means “brought again to the native country”) published by the Editora da Universidade de Brasília in 2003. That book has been organized by Edson Nery da Fonseca and contains a variety of texts originally written in English by Freyre. Those texts were translated to Portuguese and so “brought again” to Brazil.

We can notice that the efforts to talk globally grow each day. The peoples of all countries are searching for a safe and worthy life. I think the example of the Gilberto Freyre’s book and the contemporary discussion about global rights show the world as a place for all human beings, from any country. So, it is true that internal decisions in each country are very important for the relations among all the countries – and, of course, that does not mean the countries sovereignties would have to become weaker. The importance for the world of countries’ internal decisions explains why I wonder what the other countries expect from Brazilian presidential elections of this year, always remembering that Brazil needs solutions for many problems (poverty, violence, work etc.), but we can walk toward those solutions, specially respecting our Federal Constitution.

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